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«Spasibo, donor»* - new train, launched in the Moscow subway.

On July 9, a new thematic train “Spasibo, donor!” was launched on the Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya line of the Moscow subway. It is dedicated to blood donation and donor movement in Russia.

The launch was prepared jointly with the Moscow Department of Health. Interesting facts and useful information about blood donation, donor movements, thank-yours from patients, Moscow Blood Service contacts are available for subway passengers in the carriages.

The train is painted in red and white colors, On the wagons in large letters it says “Thank you, donor!”. There is practical information how to became a donor, how often you can donate blood and how the procedure of blood donation is going, inside. Modern design and true stories will attract additional attention to the donor movement.

“There are no human blood substitutes today. Thanks to donor blood and its components, we can cure people and even save lives. Launching the thematic train “Spasibo, donor!”, we want to express once again great appreciation to all who have ever donated blood, and especially to highlight those who do it regularly” - Elena Khavkina, deputy head of the Moscow Department of Health.

The event was attended by honored donors, volunteers and managers of the donor movement, who were awarded with the Gratitude of the Mayor of Moscow for the personal input in the development of donorship and the Blood Service of Moscow. The new train dedicated to donation will run on the Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya line until the end of 2019, during which time almost 4 million passengers will be able to see it.

*Thank you, donor!

On September 16, the loyalty card for donors was presented in Yaroslavl. The social project was encouraged by appreciation to donors, wish to be grateful to noble people, donating blood for strangers.
On September 20, a grand opening ceremony of the monument to the donor took place at the Republican blood transfusion station. Also, as part of the event, 50 winners of the “Dobryy donor” campaign were awarded bicycles.
On August 26, the Donor Day was organized by the Lokomotiv football club at the RZHD Arena.
On August 6, the “Sleduy za mnoy!” #ЯОтветственныйДонор» marathon has started in Russia. It will last until May 2020.
A resident of Chelyabinsk Roman Yuriev has donated blood for the hundredth time this week. That is only the official count, before he helped many people.
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