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Junior «Lokomotiv» held Donor day

On August 26, the Donor Day was organized by the Lokomotiv football club at the RZHD Arena.

More than 50 applications for blood donation were filed in the first hour. All who wish passed a mandatory medical examination and were able to save someone's life.

Special guests were waiting for the donors at the event: Ilya Petukhov and Daniil Chernyakov, players of the junior team of the Lokomotiv football club, and Maxim Mishatkin, head coach.

«Such events with a significant social responsibility unite people. The donor gives a part of himself to save people. I believe that such days should be arranged at a more global level. I am here for the first time and already thinking about personal participation in the near future. This is a big deal!”, - Maxim Yurievich Mishatkin.

«Blood is needed every minute and even second. Those who came today deserved to be called heroes and to get respect. We are glad to be at such an event, personally support and thank donors for participation” - the members of the junior Lokomotiv team.

After completing all the required procedures, the participants were awarded with memorable gifts: an honorary donor badge, a key chain with a logo, a company bracelet and a 50% discount coupon for the next Lokomotiv match. Everyone was also given the opportunity to participate in the draw of a T-shirt signed by the player of the main team, which will take place very soon.

The action will be continued on August 27, and those who have not yet had time to donate blood will be able to do this at the RZHD Arena in the Diamond zone on the West stand of the stadium.

On October 24, the opening ceremony of the Blood Service medical module, located in Penza on the territory of the regional blood clinical center, took place.
A closing of the annual social event took place on October 18 in Barnaul on Sakharov Square.
The list of winners of the next presidential grant competition was set up on October 14 at the meeting of the Coordinating Committee for tenders for the provision of grants by the President of the Russian Federation for the civil society development.
On September 16, the loyalty card for donors was presented in Yaroslavl. The social project was encouraged by appreciation to donors, wish to be grateful to noble people, donating blood for strangers.
On September 20, a grand opening ceremony of the monument to the donor took place at the Republican blood transfusion station. Also, as part of the event, 50 winners of the “Dobryy donor” campaign were awarded bicycles.
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