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The loyalty program for donors was launched in Yaroslavl

On September 16, the loyalty card for donors was presented in Yaroslavl. The social project was encouraged by appreciation to donors, wish to be grateful to noble people, donating blood for strangers.

Employees of the Yaroslavl regional blood transfusion station have communicated with officials and entrepreneurs and created a loyalty card for donors. The idea to create a loyalty program was announced in 2017. A similar project was proposed by employees of the biomedical agency. It took two years to implement the idea - preparing, negotiating and compiling a list of entrepreneurs who would like to become partners.

“Donating blood, plasma or platelets, donors give themselves to another people each time. And we have decided that in this way we would be able to express our gratitude to them and show how important they are for us, doctors, and patients. Without a donor, a blood transfusion station cannot exist” - Julia Stromova, the head doctor of the blood transfusion station.

Active donors with three or more donations in a year will be awarded with special cards. They give discounts from partners of the loyalty program. 25 companies and entrepreneurs became participants of the project, and five more companies announced their intention to join.

Discounts are on both goods and services. Among those who decided to thank donors are the shop owners, ateliers, pharmacies, hairdressers, medical centers and even a security agency.

According to Yulia Stromova, similar projects are being implemented in several cities of the country. The most active is in Irkutsk. Moreover, the initiators of the project were not doctors, but entrepreneurs. They organized a group, offer their colleagues to join in and offer discounts Yaroslavl can only dream about.

“Of course, it's nice to hear words of gratitude and moreover get a bonus in the form of discount. I have already checked the list of partners and decided to buy a chandelier with discount. I’m just having repairs” - one of the donors, the owner of the loyalty card Ksenia Naumova.

Since 2014, this woman has been giving up plasma almost every two weeks. Her donor map has 53 plasmapheresis marks. After 7 procedures, she will be able to claim the title of honorary donor.

“Despite the fact that donation in the Yaroslavl region is at a high enough level and we have wonderful people who do not remain indifferent, there is no need to rest. Most Yaroslavl residents are faced with the fact that employers are reluctant to let go to the transfusion station and are unhappy with the extra days off that they must provide to donors. Therefore, such actions are also an occasion to draw attention to the issues of blood procurement. There is always a need in blood and components as high-tech medical care is developed in the region. We should also mention emergency cases. For example, the station recently mobilized B-positive and AB-positive for patients who were hospitalized after a traffic accident near Gavrilov-Yam. That is why we need to support the number of donors and do not let reducing it” - Julia Stromova.

Over a month more than 5 thousand people come to the blood transfusion station and visiting teams. For a year, according to requests, more than 14 thousand doses of platelets and more than 20 tons of blood are mobilized here.

The developers took into account the comments and suggestions of the donors - active users of the application.
On August 22, the State Flag of Russia day, the members of the Night Wolves club held the All-Russian campaign #StayaDonor in a number of regions of the country. The All-Russian marathon in support of blood donation, organized by the Molodezhka ONF in cooperation with the FMBA Blood Service, is being held for the third time.
On July 29, the Minister of Emergencies of Russia Yevgeny Zinichev and his deputies, employees of the central office of the ministry, became blood donors during the departmental campaign "30 good deeds". The campaign is timed to coincide with the 30th anniversary of the Ministry of the Russian Federation for Civil Defense, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters.
In July 2020, the first shipment of board games “Equivoki. Russian donor”, created by the National Health Fund with the support of the Presidential Grants Fund was sent to blood service institutions in more than 45 regions within the social project “#BLOODDONATIONINRUSSIA”. The dispatch of games will be provided until the end of August.
All-Russian Marathon #OstavaysyaDonorom has united participants in 76 regions of the country. It was organized by “Molodezhka ONF” together with the Federal Biomedical Agency. The action took place from June 8 to 15 and was timed to coincide with World Donor Day, which is celebrated annually on June 14.
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