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The results of the annual social campaign «Stan' Donorom. Spasi zhizn'!» (Become a Donor. Save a life!) summed up in the Altai Territory

A closing of the annual social event took place on October 18 in Barnaul on Sakharov Square.

Students in Barnaul actively came to the mobile blood preparation stand, as well as to the Altai Regional Blood Center and donated their blood from 14th to 18th of October.

The event “Stan' Donorom. Spasi zhizn'!” (Become a Donor. Save Life!) has existed for 8 years. This year, the social project won the All-Russian contest of youth projects among higher education organizations of the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs (Rosmolodezh) and acquired a regional status. The action was attended by students from all higher and secondary educational institutions of Barnaul, Rubtsovsk (October 2-3) and Biysk (October 8-9), as well as fighters of student teams, concerned citizens and workers.

“Students and the working population of the city are taking part in the action. After donating blood, each donor is given a day off certificate - a person can take a day off on the day of blood donation, and will also have another day throughout the year” - Anastasia Ermakova, representative of the trade union committee of Altai State Technical University named after I.I. Polzunova.

The action was supported by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Altai Territory, the Russian Engineering Union, the Zvezdnyy svet public organization, the center for volunteer projects and volunteer initiatives of the Altai State Technical University, and the regional headquarters of student groups.

Over 1260 people took part in the event during the campaign. 1009 donors shared their blood. It is about 500 liters of whole blood.

Thanks to the grace and responsiveness of all donors, as well as the coordinated work of the organizers and volunteers of the action, hundreds of residents of the Altai Territory were given a chance of survival. This event has proved once again that to being a blood donor is a noble, necessary and very significant matter.

Cooperation in the field of blood donation between the Vologda Optical and Mechanical Plant and the Vologda Regional Blood Transfusion Station No. 1 was recognized as successful and will continue in 2020.
With the support of the Presidential Grants Fund by the National Health Development Fund, within the framework of the social project “#DONORSTVOKROVIROSSII: an interaction space”, work continues on an independent assessment of the openness of information and accessibility of blood service institutions.
Within the framework of the social project “#DONORSTVOKROVIROSSI: Interaction Space - Model Solutions for the Development of Regular Free Blood Donation in the Russian Regions”, the National Health Development Fund in 2019-2020. will conduct a sociological study on topical issues of the development of blood donation and its components in Russia.
More than 400 participants from 58 regions of the Russian Federation gathered at their main professional event - the XII All-Russian Forum of the Blood Service, which was held in Kaliningrad on 6th of December.
Updated and new model solutions for the development of regular free blood donation in the regions of Russia are developed by the National Health Development Fund in 2019-2020. in the framework of the social project #ДОНОРСТВОКРОВИРОССИИ: Interaction Space” with the support of the Presidential Grants Fund.
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