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National Health Development Fund will conduct case study on blood donation

Within the framework of the social project “#DONORSTVOKROVIROSSI: Interaction Space - Model Solutions for the Development of Regular Free Blood Donation in the Russian Regions”, the National Health Development Fund in 2019-2020. will conduct a sociological study on topical issues of the development of blood donation and its components in Russia.

At least 40 regions of Russia are planned to participate in the study. It will identify barriers to the development of donation, the strengths and weaknesses of current models of communication with blood donors, specify requests for their improvement, update the profile of the blood donor, the motivational characteristics of donation, and formulate proposals for improving the work with donors.

As a preliminary stage, the National Health Development Fund is currently conducting an online survey open to all interested activists of the donor movement at, which will last until November 17, 2019.

“Sociological studies are aimed at establishing and analyzing social trends, patterns of development and are associated with solving complex problems of society. The National Health Development Fund regularly uses research, surveys, questionnaires as tools for strategic planning, collection, synthesis and analysis of information to determine the development vectors of work. As the practice shows, presentation the results of sociological research at specialized events in the field of donation, volunteering, development of the civil sector, research on problems of the development of donation, motivational characteristics of donors has significant interest among participants of the Russian donor movement” - Elena Stefanyuk, the Director of the National Fund for Health Development, Deputy Head of the Coordination Center for blood donation at the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation.

During 2010-2018 The National Health Development Fund, together with the sociological services, conducted and made publicly available the following studies: “Responsible Donor. Sketch for a social portrait”, “Monitoring the implementation of legislation in the field of blood donation. Problems of assessing the quality of the work of blood service institutions”, “ Youth and voluntary blood donation in the Central Federal District ”, “ Attitude of the population to various aspects of blood donation ”. They allow you to trace the main trends, identify and analyze weak points and growth zones in the field of free blood donation and its components and bone marrow donation.

Events of the project “#DONORSTVOKROVIROSSI: Interaction Space - Model Solutions for the Development of Regular Free Blood Donation in the Russian Regions” are carried out as part of the implementation of a President of the Russian Federation grant for the development of civil society provided by the Presidential Grants Fund.

More than 400 participants from 58 regions of the Russian Federation gathered at their main professional event - the XII All-Russian Forum of the Blood Service, which was held in Kaliningrad on 6th of December.
Updated and new model solutions for the development of regular free blood donation in the regions of Russia are developed by the National Health Development Fund in 2019-2020. in the framework of the social project #ДОНОРСТВОКРОВИРОССИИ: Interaction Space” with the support of the Presidential Grants Fund.
Vladimir Pushchaev has been a medical volunteer for six years now. During this time, the citizen of Orenburg was able to achieve serious success - he traveled almost the entire country, participating in various international and Russian forums and events. In addition, he and his partner created their own project called "School of the young donor."
On October 24, the opening ceremony of the Blood Service medical module, located in Penza on the territory of the regional blood clinical center, took place.
A closing of the annual social event took place on October 18 in Barnaul on Sakharov Square.
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