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Donor Day on RZD Arena

On February 10, the traditional Donor Day was held at the RZD Arena. 80 non-indifferent people came to donate blood and save someone’s life.

Lokomotiv has supported the donor movement since 2012 and has become one of the first clubs in the country to attract the attention of its fans to this problem. Donor Day has been regularly held at the stadium for several years. During this time, more than 2.5 thousand people became donors.

The visiting team of the FMBA Blood Center worked in the Diamond sector of the RZD Arena for three hours. Before the start, all participants filled out a short questionnaire about themselves and had medical check-up, as well as gave blood to determine the blood type, Rh factor and hemoglobin level.

Each donor donated 450 ml of blood, after which he went to the buffet to enjoy tea with sweets. Donors also received special gifts from Lokomotiv, including two tickets for the match with Akhmat, and participated in the drawing of ball with autographs from core football players. The winner was Alexander Vidakov - the prize will be awarded on March 8 at the match with Akhmat.

Lokomotiv football players Anna Kozhnikova, Anna Belomyttseva with the coach Elena Fomina, as well as Kazanka players Timur Suleimanov and Alexey Mironov came to support donors.

“Blood donation is an absolutely safe for healthy people. Donor Day at the RZD Arena has already become a good tradition. We welcome every new donor. But it is extremely important that people participate in this action on an ongoing basis, which means they consciously approach donation” - Nadezhda Daniyarova, head of the visiting service of the FMBA Blood Center.

The next Donor Day will be held at the RZD Arena in summer.

All-Russian Marathon #OstavaysyaDonorom has united participants in 76 regions of the country. It was organized by “Molodezhka ONF” together with the Federal Biomedical Agency. The action took place from June 8 to 15 and was timed to coincide with World Donor Day, which is celebrated annually on June 14.
On May 18, more than 30 soldiers of the special motorized regiment of the Southern District of the Russian Guard provided donated blood at the Sevastopol Blood Center.
New materials were added to the third edition of the collection “Blood Donation during the Great Patriotic War”, released on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory by the Coordination Center for Voluntary Blood Donation at the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation and the National Fund for Health Development. The supplemented edition contains essays on blood donation during the war years in more than four dozen regions of the Soviet Union.
On 20th of April 2020, Donor Day in Russia, the contest #донорутожевкусно by the National Health Development Fund starts: a competition for delicious food and drink recipes for those who donate blood and its components, in preparation for donation and recovery after.
At present, Russian medical organizations and transfusion stations have a supply of donated blood and its components that fully meets the current need.
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