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Blood dontion and COVID-19

During the situation of the COVID-19 pandemic declared by the World Health Organization, the health of donors and recipients remain an important task for the Blood Service.

During the situation of the COVID-19 pandemic declared by the World Health Organization, the health of donors and recipients remain an important task for the Blood Service.

All measures, such as sanitizing, ventilation, mask regime, additional examinations of medical personnel to counteract the spread of coronavirus have been strengthened at stations and in blood transfusion offices. The latest data on the situation with COVID-19 in Russia and the world are available on the web site стопкоронавирус.рф.

However, blood is always needed to preserve life and to improve the quality of health, regardless of the pandemic. The key to success in providing the state with donor blood is in the regularity of procurement, the formation of plenty regular donors and the constant replenishment of newcomers.

“We kindly ask if you feel healthy, please not to refuse from the blood donation and coordinate visits with the needs of Blood service in your region. For your help, there is the donor traffic light on the portal of the Blood Services -” – from the statement of the National Health Development Fund.

During your visit the Blood Service, it is recommended to take usual precautions in crowded places at the time of infectious diseases: wash (disinfect) hands more often, do not touch exposed surfaces (door handles, elevator buttons, etc.) with unprotected hands - use gloves, disposable wipes; try not to touch the face, use medical masks. Read more about preventive measures on the websites of the Ministry of Health and Rospotrebnadzor.

“At this difficult time, patients who are preparing for planned surgical operations, labor, patients with certain diseases, including blood diseases still need blood and its components. The responsible donor plans donations and gives blood in accordance with the needs of the Blood Services, which during a pandemic cannot be moved away. Together we will help people stay healthy!” – from the statement of The National Health Development Fund.

All-Russian Marathon #OstavaysyaDonorom has united participants in 76 regions of the country. It was organized by “Molodezhka ONF” together with the Federal Biomedical Agency. The action took place from June 8 to 15 and was timed to coincide with World Donor Day, which is celebrated annually on June 14.
On May 18, more than 30 soldiers of the special motorized regiment of the Southern District of the Russian Guard provided donated blood at the Sevastopol Blood Center.
New materials were added to the third edition of the collection “Blood Donation during the Great Patriotic War”, released on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory by the Coordination Center for Voluntary Blood Donation at the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation and the National Fund for Health Development. The supplemented edition contains essays on blood donation during the war years in more than four dozen regions of the Soviet Union.
On 20th of April 2020, Donor Day in Russia, the contest #донорутожевкусно by the National Health Development Fund starts: a competition for delicious food and drink recipes for those who donate blood and its components, in preparation for donation and recovery after.
At present, Russian medical organizations and transfusion stations have a supply of donated blood and its components that fully meets the current need.
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