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Future chefs made breakfast for donors in the Penza region

The "Donor's Breakfast" competition was held in the branch of the Penza College of Food Industry and Commerce in the village of Shemysheika, with the participation of the Penza Regional Clinical Blood Center and the regional newspaper "Novoye Vremya".

Each year on October 20th, Worldchefs celebrates International Chefs Day. The blood service of the Penza region joined the celebration and visited the branch of the Penza College of Food Industry and Commerce in the village of Shemysheika.

A competition "Donor's Breakfast" was held as part of the Chefs Day - it was attended by college students of the 2nd and 3rd courses. The staff of the Blood Center told the students about the importance of donating blood and its components for saving lives. Students prepared a presentation “How a blood donor should eat”, developed recipes and prepared dishes recommended before and after donation.

“There are fruit and vegetable salads, polenta, fruit drinks, buckwheat noodles with vegetables in the donor's menu. According to the rules of contest dishes were prepared only from products allowed before donation. They were distinguished by splendid taste and beautiful presentation” the publication says.

All the contestants and masters received diplomas and gifts for participation and holding the event from the Penza Regional Clinical Blood Center.

“We would like to thank the college administration, the masters of industrial training and the editorial staff of the newspaper Novoye Vremya, for participation and help with the competition. We hope that such events will become a good tradition” - the Penza Blood Service.
In January 2021, the implementation of the social project by the National Fund for Health Development, dedicated to the development of regular blood donation in the capital, "Donation Out of Season", was launched. The project events will be held with the support of the Committee for Public Relations and Youth Policy of Moscow from January to December 2021.
The Republican blood transfusion station of Dagestan completed a major repair and updated medical equipment
On December 15, at the Blood Center of the FMBA of Russia, a solemn ceremony of awarding letters of gratitude from the President of the Russian Federation was held to 33 specialists of the Blood Service institutions from different regions of the country, who made an invaluable contribution to the organization and implementation of events aimed at maintaining and preserving the donor resource during the pandemic of the new coronavirus infection.
A general assessment of the current situation in the field of blood and bone marrow donation by the participants of the donation institute was obtained in the course of a sociological study by the National Foundation for Healthcare Development and VCIOM "Actual problems of the development of donation of blood and its components in Russia." The study was conducted in 2020; 6,500 respondents from 83 regions of Russia took part in it.
On November 17, a communication platform “Blood Donation and COVID-19. Donor Movement Support” was opened at the Public Chamber of Russia.
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