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Will there be enough donated blood? Assessment by participants in the donation institute

A general assessment of the current situation in the field of blood and bone marrow donation by the participants of the donation institute was obtained in the course of a sociological study by the National Foundation for Healthcare Development and VCIOM "Actual problems of the development of donation of blood and its components in Russia." The study was conducted in 2020; 6,500 respondents from 83 regions of Russia took part in it.

For example, the target groups of donors and non-donors agree that, to one degree or another, there is a problem of shortage of donor blood in Russia. Regular donors (40%), irregular donors (38%), and those who don’t donate blood and/or its components - non-donors (39%) often speak about the constant presence of such a problem. The fact that such a problem occurs from time to time is more often said by donors who have a permanent (50%) or temporary (45%) challenge from a donation. The absence of a problem is noted by the target groups of donors and non-donors in the range of 6-15%.

Blood service employees are more likely to believe that there is no shortage of donated blood in Russia (22%) or that this problem occurs only from time to time (48%). 20% of employees of blood services admitted that such a problem exists. Also, the organizers and volunteers of the donor movement confirm that such a problem exists (48-55%). Representatives of the media, business, and the population who are not involved in professional activities in the field of donation have a similar opinion and believe that such a problem exists or arises from time to time.

“All target groups of donors and non-donors note that the situation has improved (42-49%). The largest proportion of those who noticed improvements belong to the group of non-blood donors (49%). From 19 to 27% of respondents note the absence of changes in this situation, while the largest share of respondents (27%) belongs to donors who have received a permanent challenge. Among the professional target groups, the majority notice positive changes in the situation with the availability of donor blood in the Russian Federation (40-58%). The largest share of those who noticed the improvement belongs to the group of volunteers of the donor movement (58%), while employees of the blood service, organizers of the donor movement, and representatives of the media and business have almost the same opinion about the improvement of the situation. From 13 to 30% of respondents note the absence of changes in this situation, while the largest share of respondents (30%) belongs to the organizers of the donor movement. It is significant that 15-19% of respondents speak about the deterioration of the situation both among professional target groups and among donor groups” – Elena Stefanyuk says, Director of the National Health Development Fund, Deputy Chairman of the Coordinating Council for Blood Donation at the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation.

Sociological studies of various aspects of the development of donation of blood and its components are regularly carried out by the National Fund for Health Development, including to provide and replicate reliable information about donation, expert opinions, in order to create a systematic counteraction to fakes and false information in the field of health care. For this purpose, in 2020-2021, the National Healthcare Development Fund, with the support of the Presidential Grants Fund, is implementing a social project “Reliably about health. Development of the foundations of medical literacy and information culture”.

In January 2021, the VI Moscow donor marathon “Touch the heart. Donation 2021” started and will last until November 18.
The traditional joint social donor event of the two companies was held in gratitude to Russian scientists, doctors, and blood donors for their care and assistance during the pandemic.
On February 25, a solemn ceremony of awarding the participants of the federal action "Donor is an honor!" was held for the first time in the Khabarovsk Regional Musical Theater.
On February 10, 2021, a communication platform “Blood Donation and COVID-19. Lessons from the pandemic”.
In January 2021, the implementation of the social project by the National Fund for Health Development, dedicated to the development of regular blood donation in the capital, "Donation Out of Season", was launched. The project events will be held with the support of the Committee for Public Relations and Youth Policy of Moscow from January to December 2021.
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