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Republican blood transfusion station opened in Makhachkala after major repairs

The Republican blood transfusion station of Dagestan completed a major repair and updated medical equipment

Acting Minister of Health of the Republic of Dagestan Tatyana Belyaeva took part in the opening ceremony of the updated blood transfusion station, which took place on December 29, 2020.

“The purchase of new devices will allow the republican station to procure even more donated blood and its components. And most importantly, the blood will be safer. For example, one of the received devices is a virus inactivator. It is designed to quickly destroy viruses and bacteria in donated blood plasma, which will make it the safest for patients. We have been waiting for the purchase of this device for a long time and now, finally, we have received it. This is a great achievement for the entire health care of the region” - Tatiana Belyaeva.

Also, the blood transfusion station received the only Chemi Luminescent Immuno Assay examination device for donated blood in the North Caucasus Federal District, automatic blood separation devices, new comfortable chairs for donors, and much more.

“The republican blood transfusion station accepts up to 50 donors daily. They have a large number of outdoor campaigns, employees are actively working with all ministries and departments, and we are very glad that our population supports these campaigns, understands how important and necessary they are, people are willing to help and to become donors" - the head of the department said.

The blood service of Dagestan, according to federal experts, is one of the five best in the country. The percentage of unfulfilled applications of the blood transfusion station in the republic is zero, and free donation is developed in the region. This, according to Tatyana Belyaeva, made it possible in the most difficult period of the pandemic to avoid the collapse of the service and to provide all emergency and planned calls with blood.

11 employees of the blood transfusion station received certificates of honor and gratitude from the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Dagestan for their selfless and conscientious work during a pandemic situation.

Life-sized figures of Russian and foreign medical workers in the field of donation of blood and its components can now be obtained for use in donor campaigns by the organizers of the donor movement in Moscow. Creative stylized images of Andrey Wolf, Karl Landsteiner, Vladimir Shamov, Alexander Bogdanov and William Harvey will not only tell about the first achievements of medical science in blood donation, but also by QR codes direct to informative websites.
The opening of the Donors Square in Krasnoyarsk took place as part of the 85th anniversary of the Krasnoyarsk Territory Blood Service. The ceremony was attended by honorary donors of Russia, representatives of the Krasnoyarsk Regional Blood Center No. 1, volunteers and caring citizens. Sergey Ivanov, Chairman of the Public Chamber of Demographic and Social Development of the Civil Assembly of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, congratulated the participants of the ceremony on this significant event.
On September 28, 2021, the National Health Fund and the international network of interactive entertainment "Claustrophobia" launched the detective escape room "Golden Blood" in Moscow.
A corporate social action "Donor Day" organized by LG and Technopark in honor of the Olympic Games in Tokyo took place in St. Petersburg.
On August 21, the National Flag Day of the Russian Federation was celebrated unusually at the FMBA Blood Center of Russia. The specialists of the institution and the participants of the capital "Molodezhka ONF" combined the holiday with the traditional campaign # Remain a Donor.
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