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A solemn ceremony of awarding the title "Honorary Donor of Russia" was held in Khabarovsk

On February 25, a solemn ceremony of awarding the participants of the federal action "Donor is an honor!" was held for the first time in the Khabarovsk Regional Musical Theater.

The title "Honorary Donor of Russia" was awarded to 23 residents of the region. The contribution of citizens to the development of donation was also noted, 12 more volunteers were encouraged in this nomination. The awards were presented by Evgeny Nikonov, Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Khabarovsk Territory for Social Issues.

“Every fourth person in the world receives blood transfusions for one reason or another. The situation with COVID has jeopardized the possibility of providing blood to patients with injuries, patients with cancer, and other diseases. But despite the pandemic, donors came and donated blood. Donor movement is a movement of the soul. Today we are honoring the humble heroes of our time - blood donors and public activists who promote the development of the donor movement in our region” - Evgeny Nikonov said to the awardees.

There are about 10 thousand donors in the Khabarovsk Territory, who procure about 17 thousand liters of blood per year. Science has not yet learned how to synthesize life energy. Therefore, they are the only hope for many sick and injured people. Just one blood donation saves three human lives.

“The period of the pandemic was tight for us, because, unfortunately, our donors also began to get sick, their number decreased, students, our activists, went to distance learning. But with the help of human donors, we coped with the task, providing all 43 medical institutions in the region with blood components. Now the situation is improving - those who have had a coronavirus infection can already donate blood” Oksana Kozhemyako said, chief physician of the Khabarovsk blood transfusion station.

The Khabarovsk Territory became the first region in the Far East where they began to use anti-COVID plasma - 400 doses were procured every two weeks. Acting Governor Mikhail Degtyarev became the first plasma donor after vaccination for COVID patients. It helped a sick woman in Khabarovsk. And everyone has such an opportunity.

The award ceremony was indeed solemn, accompanied by the orchestra and solo of the People's Artist of Russia Igor Zheltoukhov. Badges "Honorary Donor of Russia" were awarded to those who donated blood 40 times or 60 - blood and plasma.

Among the participants of the event were the director of the Centre for Psychological and Pedagogical Medical and Social Help, an honorary citizen of Khabarovsk, Alexander Petrynin, who has been a donor since his student years. Out of modesty, he does not like to advertise this fact.

“I believe that in our age of commercialism when no one lifts a finger for nothing for the sake of a stranger, donors perform a real feat, and this event is the best confirmation of this” - Alexander Petrynin said.

In 12 separate nominations, those who came to the blood transfusion station most of all were noted. Lawyer, machinist, personnel officer, border guard, accountant, policeman, teacher, engineer, and representatives of many other professions simply filled the entire stage of the Musical Comedy Theater that evening. They were united by one thing - the willingness to save someone's life. And they were awarded for this not just with the "Honorary Donor" sign, but with respect and gratitude from thousands of saved people.

In January 2021, the VI Moscow donor marathon “Touch the heart. Donation 2021” started and will last until November 18.
The traditional joint social donor event of the two companies was held in gratitude to Russian scientists, doctors, and blood donors for their care and assistance during the pandemic.
On February 10, 2021, a communication platform “Blood Donation and COVID-19. Lessons from the pandemic”.
In January 2021, the implementation of the social project by the National Fund for Health Development, dedicated to the development of regular blood donation in the capital, "Donation Out of Season", was launched. The project events will be held with the support of the Committee for Public Relations and Youth Policy of Moscow from January to December 2021.
The Republican blood transfusion station of Dagestan completed a major repair and updated medical equipment
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