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FMBA Russia Blood center hosts excursion for representatives of non-profit sector

The event was held with the organizational support of the National Health Fund.

On June 3, an excursion for volunteers and organizers of the donor movement took place on the territory of the Blood Center of the FMBA Russia, the leading institution of the country's blood service. The event was held with the organizational support of the National Health Fund.

“Such events allow us to maintain additional contact with volunteer movements, the youth audience, and also contribute to the formation of a professional team of volunteers who are the source of the most competent information about the donation of blood and its components in the Russian Federation. All this helps to diminish the spread of fake news, which often leads to extremely undesirable consequences both for the donor and for the work of the entire Blood Service Institute,” Sofia Alexandrovna Golosova said, Director of the Blood Center of the FMBA Russia, Chief Freelance Transfusiologist of the FMBA Russia.

The visitors got acquainted with the rules for admission donors at the institution and the types of donor procedures, the specific features of the unified federal information database of donation of blood and its components, modern technologies used in the preparation and storage of donor blood components, and the rules for interaction between blood service institutions and medical organizations.

An important part on the way of donor blood components to the patient is the department of long-term storage of blood cells and quarantine. The special pride of the department is the cryobank. With the help of special equipment, erythrocyte-containing components of rare blood groups are frozen here, after which they are placed in special boxes with liquid nitrogen at a temperature of minus 192 ° C. Thanks to this unit, the institution can store blood components for up to 10 years and, in case of an emergency, defrost the necessary ones.

Employees of Joint Stock Company Transneft-Western Siberia took part in a donor event as part of the 30 Good Deeds campaign.
On April 7, on World Health Day, in the Victory Park on the territory of the Alley of Donors in Orel, a donor exercise was held as part of the Donor Health campaign. More than 70 people took part.
As part of the all-Russian information campaign «Learn about bone marrow donation», launched in February 2023 with the support of the Federal Medical-Biological Agency and the National Health Fund, on March 16, the FMBA of Russia held an event aimed at drawing attention to the issues of entering the Federal Register of Bone Marrow and Hematopoietic Stem Cell Donors.
On March 9, as part of the Teacher and Mentor Year, the Blood Center of the Federal Medical-Biological Agency of Russia held a lecture for students of the medical classes in School № 2006. Senior students learned who can become a donor, what are the indications for transfusion of blood components, how to prepare for donation and a number of other aspects in the field of transfusiology.
A solemn ceremony of awarding the first honorary donors this year was held in Ulan-Ude on February 9. The event was held at the Buryat republican blood transfusion station.
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