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Kaluga Regional Children’s Library held an educational hour about donation

The conversation "A drop of blood will save a life" at the Kaluga Regional Children's Library was held as part of the All-Russian campaign #CulturalDonorCode #CultureForDonation, organized by the Coordinating Council for Donation and Blood at the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation, the Federal Medical-Biological Agency of Russia and the National Health Fund.

Children from the Kaluga social rehabilitation center for minors "Nadezhda" and young Cossacks met in the library with the head physician of the regional blood transfusion station Vyacheslav Andrianov. He told who can become a blood donor, what qualities such a person should have. He especially noted that donating blood is completely safe and even useful, not only for other people who need a transfusion, but also for the donor himself, as this triggers a renewal mechanism in the body. Vyacheslav Pavlovich also answered numerous questions from children who were interested in how blood is stored and transfused, what is the benefit of donation.

“Such events are very important for our Blood Service, because children are our future, they will grow up and, perhaps, someone will decide to become a donor and help people, because the foundations of mercy must be laid from childhood” - Vyacheslav Andrianov.

The librarian Nadezhda Gavrikova interested the children with a story about the importance of being healthy and helping people, who are donors and what important work they do. And at the end of the meeting, the schoolchildren watched an exciting cartoon about how to properly donate blood and learned many interesting facts about donation.

The event lasted five days and was dedicated to the International Students' Day, which is celebrated on November 17th. More than 900 participants donated 410 liters of blood, which could save the lives of 2,733 people.
On November 17, the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation in Moscow hosted a forum of the donor organizers «The donor management: communications and leadership», provided by the non-profit foundation «National Health Fund» and the Coordinating Council for Blood Donation at the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation.
Employees of the enterprises of the United Aircraft Corporation (The Public Joint Stock Company United Aircraft Corporation of the Rostec State Corporation) from twelve Russian regions took part in a traditional blood donation campaign.
The meeting of the State Duma Committee of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation on health protection on the topic "Blood service: history and development prospects" was held on October 13 with the support of the FMBA of Russia.
The event was held at the VDNH with the organizational support of the Russian Red Cross and was timed to coincide with the World Bone Marrow Donor Day, which has been celebrated every third Saturday of September since 2015.
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