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Golden donor stock is being created in Krasnoyarsk

The extra stock of donated blood and its components is being created, ahead of the World Winter Universiade 2019 in the Krasnoyarsk Regional Blood Center No. 1.

Krasnoyarsk Regional Blood Center No. 1 invite newcomers and donors from 25th of February to 7th of March to donate blood or its components. Thematic activities and “Golden donor stock” contest are prepared for all participants.

“We could not stay away from such important sport event in the region and have decided to create festive atmosphere for donors. With the help of Cultural and Historical museum a photo exhibition of well-known Krasnoyarsk photographers called the Institute of Cultural Memory, which tells about the key moments of the sports life of the region, was opened in the lobby of the donor building. Each donor, donated blood from 25th of February to 7th of March will have a chance to receive the medal “Golden donor stock”. People who donate blood regularly are the basis of the donor service, our golden stock.” - Aleksandr Poleyes, deputy chief physician in Krasnoyarsk Regional Blood Center.

The event will be continiued in the branches of Krasnoyarsk Regional Blood Center: Kansk, Achinsk, Minusinsk and Lesosibirsk.

«The donors with the biggest number of blood donations will become winners. The drawing of memorable badges will be held among newcomers. The results of the campaign will be published daily in the Instagram account of the donor group #KRASDONOR» - Krasnoyarsk Regional Blood Center No. 1.

The campaign is being held with the aim to develop regular donation of blood and its components and to attract young workers in blood service.

Multimedia press conference dedicated to National Donor Day was held on 18th of April in International information agency “Russia today”.
On 29yh of March the annual All-Russian Blood Service Congress of pr-managers and donors was held in Moscow
On the 1st of February, the charity campaign for free blood donation «Good donor» has started.
On January 24, the visiting team of the Blood Center of the Federal Medical and Biological Agency of Russia held a large-scale donor campaign in the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation.
In the frame of project «Generation Next chooses donorship», in the Penza region, employees of the local Blood Service conducted interactive lessons about donorship for students of the comprehensive boarding school and gymnasium SUN.
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