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The first lady of Bashkiria has donated blood to support republican program “Good donor”

On the 1st of February, the charity campaign for free blood donation «Good donor» has started.

The charity campaign was supported by Karine Habirova, spouse of acting temporarily Head of Republic, Lenara Ivanova Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Bashkortostan, Rustem Ahmadinurov, head of regional executive board “Yedinaya Rossiya” and other honored guests.

“If your blood matches, it may save someone’s life, why not to donate? It is also good for the health” - Karine Habirova, first lady of the Republic of Bashkortostan, mentioned, that has donated before.
There are 8 regional branches of republican blood transfusion stations in Bashkortostan. 7 of them will welcome donors during the campaign. 80 thousands of volunteers are ready to donate blood and its components every year. – Ramil Khamitov chief of medics in republican blood transfusion station.
“The author of the idea of the action “Good Donor” is a graduate of the School of Russian Politics, the head of the “Nashe budushchey” fund - Gulnara Khamiyeva. The campaign is planned for a year, until 11th of February 2020. I assume it will help to increase the number of donors who, on a voluntary basis, will save lives” Rustem Ahmadinurov head of regional executive board “Yedinaya Rossiya”.

Citizens over 18 are invited to participate in the campaign. You will need to visit blood transfusion station in Ufa or its branches to receive coupon with a stamp and collect 15 donations for a period of campaign. The coupon should be sent by address: Ufa city, Batyrskaya street, 41/1, or via email The first 100 participants will receive guaranteed prizes - bicycles. Super prize is a trip to Sochi.

A resident of Chelyabinsk Roman Yuriev has donated blood for the hundredth time this week. That is only the official count, before he helped many people.
On July 9, a new thematic train “Spasibo, donor!” was launched on the Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya line of the Moscow subway. It is dedicated to blood donation and donor movement in Russia.
News agency TASS relised special project “Nemaloy krov'yu” dedicated to importance of being donor and how donorship in Russia has changed for the past 10 years.
On 5th of June, in the run-up to the World Blood Donor Day, for the first time in history, a donor event took place at the closed viewing platform of the Ostankino television tower.
The unique educational and entertaining board game "Moskovskiy donor" was released by the National Foundation for Health Development and the Moscow Blood Donation Resource Center in conjunction with the Blood Center named after O.K. Gavrilov of the Moscow Department of Health with the support of the Committee of Public Relations and Youth Policy of Moscow, Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University and the Coordination Center for Blood Donation at the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation.
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