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Almost all donors in Russia donate blood for free

Multimedia press conference dedicated to National Donor Day was held on 18th of April in International information agency “Russia today”.

In advance of the National blood donor day, celebrating on 20th of April, journalists were told about major aspects of donor movement growth, achievements of 2018 and rising effectiveness from cooperation with donors.

There are 101 regional transfusion stations (Blood station), 231 regional transfusion centers, 4 federal blood centers and 46 transfusion branches of federal institutions in Russia, according to data, presented by specialists from Blood center of Federal Biomedical Agency (FBA).

A unified federal blood service base has been created in Russia. It combines both regional registries of regular donors and data of health conditions of people who donate blood. It allows to ensure the safe use of donor blood and its components, minimizing the risk of serious infections for the patients. In addition, complete information on blood reserves allows the redistribution of blood components among the medical institutions.

260 blood service institutions have been already united by an information system. It includes not only regional donor registries, but also information from medical institutions - HIV / AIDS centers, cancer and tuberculosis treatment clinics. It is necessary, that the donor who has come to donate blood, is healthy” - Sofia Golosova, the head of the Blood Center of the FBA of Russia, the main freelance transfusiologist of the FBA.

The approach to blood donation in Russia is now based on the principles of “responsible donation”. It is not a one-time action, but permanent, regular donations. The components of blood from people who donate for the first time, must be sent to quarantine for several months, in order to avoid any chance of infections from person in the latency period to enter the medical facilities. After six months, the donor must pass a repeated analysis to check his health and remove the quarantine. If a person donates blood regularly, such monitoring of his health occurs automatically.

A unified information system monitors and refuse people with contraindication, even if they moved to other region. What is more important and safe for donorship is a principle of responsible donation. It is about people, who donate blood for free in order to help others” - Sofia Golosova

The second principle “from vein to vein” provides for precise control and safety at all stages - from the moment of blood collection from the donor, its processing, storage of components and use for patients.

By the end of 2018, the total number of blood donors amounted to more than 1.283 million people, more than 2.5 million donations were performed by donors. Compared with 2017, the number of platelet donations increased by 12.2%, plasma donations by 1.1%.

96.5% of all donations in 2018 are non-remunerated, which is very important for the development of donations” - Olga Eichler, head of the blood services department at the Federal Biomedical Agency of Russia.
On May 21, 2021, at 18:00 (Moscow time), the Volunteer Center of the Moscow City University will host a blood donation quiz on VKontakte. The winners will receive gifts from the organizers and the National Health Fund - the board game “Equivoki. Russian donor ".
Within the framework of the XIII International Salon "Integrated Security - 2021", which took place in the city of Kubinka, Moscow Region, a charity donor campaign was held. Specialists from all departments of the EMERCOM of Russia took part, together with representatives of the Department of Educational, Scientific, and Technical Activities.
The head of the Federal Medical and Biological Agency Veronika Igorevna Skvortsova and the head of the Republic of Bashkortostan Radiy Khabirov opened the XIII All-Russian Forum of the Blood Service, which took place in Ufa on the eve of the National Donor Day.
On April 5, 2021, the IX All-Russian Prize for Contribution to the Development of Blood Donation "Souchastie" starts. The "Souchastie" Prize is a sign of public recognition and the importance of the institution of donating blood and its components, the contribution of donors, doctors, volunteers and organizers of the donor movement, journalists, the non-profit and business sector, donation activists in the development of Russia, health and ensuring the life and safety of its citizens. The application period for the award will last from April 5 to June 25, the results of the award will be announced in September 2021 in Moscow.
In January 2021, the VI Moscow donor marathon “Touch the heart. Donation 2021” started and will last until November 18.
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