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The annual All-Russian Blood Service Congress of pr-managers was held

On 29yh of March the annual All-Russian Blood Service Congress of pr-managers and donors was held in Moscow

The congress gathered pr-managers who promote free blood donation from many subjects of the Russian Federation. Workers of the Blood service exchanged with experience of interaction with donors, media, business and government representatives.

The Blood service institutions should focus not only on increasing the indicators, but also on increasing the efficiency of cooperation with donors,” - Olga Eihler, head of blood service department in the Federal Biomedical Agency (FBA) Russia.
To the negative factors, affecting on donor movement we attribute aging of the population, insufficient life expectancy, population migration, socially significant diseases, as well as insufficient synchronization between the participants of the donor movement. Negotiations, more active involvement of volunteers and public organizations can help synchronization” -  Elena Stefanyuk, Deputy Head of the Coordination Center for Blood Donation at the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation.

Successful regional practices were also presented on the Congress. In addition, the program included practical workshops dedicated to formation corporate culture, interaction with the media and working with communities online and offline.

Rafael Ziyatdinov, Deputy Chief Medical Officer for the organizational and methodological work of the Republican Station for Blood Transfusion in Bashkortostan, shared his positive experience in implementing the Valuing Donation System, which became the next step in the Republic after the Valuing Clinic. Among the interesting findings, in addition to space optimization, routing, electronic recording, creating a friendly environment and comfortable conditions is an electronic board of the “donor traffic light” located on the facade of the building. The board works 24/7, the data is updated daily”- noted in the final publication on the website of the FBA of Russia following the results of the Congress.

Presentations of new services of internet portal and mob application «Sluzhba krovi», as well as new features of Automated transfusiology information system were shown on the Congress.

In May 2019, the results of the XVI All-Russian contest “The Best Donor of Russia - 2019” were summed up.
A voice assistant from Yandex will help you quick and easy to find information about the donation of blood and its components.
Multimedia press conference dedicated to National Donor Day was held on 18th of April in International information agency “Russia today”.
The extra stock of donated blood and its components is being created, ahead of the World Winter Universiade 2019 in the Krasnoyarsk Regional Blood Center No. 1.
On the 1st of February, the charity campaign for free blood donation «Good donor» has started.
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