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Blood components

Our blood consists of four main components of blood: red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets and plasma.

If the whole blood was transfused before, then modern medicine prefers «component therapy», when the patient receives only those blood components that are necessary for him in the transfusion.

Erythrocytes (red blood cells)

The main function of erythrocytes is the transfer of oxygen to all the cells of our body.

Indications for transfusion of red blood cells can be: large blood loss (eg, trauma, surgery, childbirth), a decrease in hemoglobin, which leads to cardiovascular failure, as well as the treatment of severe anemia.

Leukocytes (white blood cells)

Leukocytes are the main cells of the immune system. Leukocytes also affect metabolism, supply tissues and organs with missing hormones, enzymes and other substances. Transfusion of leukocytes is carried out by patients suffering from life-threatening infectious diseases.


The main function of platelets - participation in the process of blood clotting - an important protective reaction of the body, preventing large blood loss in the wounding of blood vessels. Indication for transfusion of donor platelets is a disease of the blood system, leukemia, a decrease in platelets in a patient, which is usually associated with chemotherapy, as well as with heavy bleeding (trauma, childbirth, surgical operations).


The basis of the plasma is water (90%), in which various proteins, clotting factors, and also other organic compounds and minerals are dissolved. Plasma is widely used for medicinal purposes in surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, oncology and other areas of medical practice. Donor plasma is also needed for the production of essential medicines:

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