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How to become an Honorary Donor of Russia?

How to become an Honorary Donor of Russia?
Fedor Timofeev
Honorary donor of Russia
The Samara region
The donor's day is another reason to remind all people - decision makers, ordinary citizens - about the problems of blood donation in Russia. Who are these donors?
Donor activities are free assistance, that is, charity. Often people think about donating blood only when their life or the lives of their loved ones are under threat and blood transfusions are urgently needed. But you need blood all the time!
Alexander Koltsov
Honorary donor of Russia
Moscow region
Do not come to donate blood if you feel unwell (chills, dizziness, headache, weakness). Do not give blood after night duty or just a sleepless night. On the eve and on the day of blood donation, it is not recommended to eat fatty, fried, spicy and smoked food, as well as dairy products, eggs and butter.
Petr Salnikov
Honorary donor of Russia
Tula region
Dear donors! Take care of yourself - every day and especially on the day of blood donation. Today you have done an incredibly important business! You did not just give blood - you saved someone's life. Today you gave yourself a piece of yourself so that the heart of another adult or still very small man would continue to beat. Thank you for being with us!
George Dobrodeyev
Honorary donor of Russia
Lipetsk region
Dear donors! Constant and experienced, newcomers and those who are just going to give blood for the first time! We are very grateful to you and we want that donation was to you in joy and did not create problems, including with health.
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