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Benefits and privileges

According to the Federal Law of June 20, 2012 No. 125-FZ of the Russian Federation «On the donation of blood and its components», as well as the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, provide for the following benefits and privileges for donors.

On the day of donation

  • According to the article 186 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation on the day of donating blood and its components, as well as on the day of the associated medical examination, the donor is relieved from work, regardless of the form of ownership, without loss of his average earnings for these days. If, by agreement with the employer, an employee went to work on the day of donating blood and its components (with the exception of work with harmful and (or) dangerous working conditions), he is provided by request, another day off without loss of his average earnings.
  • The blood service institution provides the donor with free meal or meal compensation.

Extra day off

Having a donation during the period of annual paid vacation, on a weekend or non-working holiday, the employee, by request, is provided with extra day off.

  • Note. If the employee donated blood during sick leave, then extra day off is not provided to him. After each day of donating blood and its components, the employee is given extra day off. This day by the request of the employee, can be attached to the annual paid vacation or used at other times during the year from the date of donation of blood and its components. The employer keeps for the employee his average earnings for the days of donating blood and its components and the day off provided in connection with this.
    At the same time, according to labor legislation, an 8-hour working day is taken into account.
  • For all cases of determining average earnings, provided for by the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, a single procedure for its calculation is established (Article 139 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation). This procedure is established by the Regulations on the peculiarities of the procedure for calculating the average wage, approved by Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of December 24, 2007 N 922.

For regular donors

  • Donors donated blood and (or) its components during the year in a total amount equal to two maximum allowable doses are entitled to priority purchase of preferential vouchers for sanatorium treatment at the place of work or study.

Honorary Donor of Russia

According to the Federal Law No. 125-FZ «On the Donation of Blood and Its Components», the badge «Honorary Donor of Russia» is awarded to citizens donated free of charge:

  • whole blood 40 times or more
  • plasma 60 times or more
  • whole blood 25 times or more and blood plasma in total of 40 times
  • whole blood less than 25 times and plasma in total of 60 times

The law provides that the donation of any cellular component (erythrocytes, platelets or granulocytes) is equivalent to the donation of whole blood.

Honorary donors have right for:

  • unscheduled provision of medical care under CHI;
  • priority purchase at the place of work or study of preferential vouchers for sanatorium treatment;
  • providing annual paid vacation at a convenient time of the year;
  • an annual cash payment.

Citizens awarded the badge «Honorary Donor of the USSR» and permanently residing on the territory of the Russian Federation are entitled to social support measures of the «Honorary Donor of Russia».

More information about benefits for donors in your city you may get by contacting local social security agency.

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