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For volunteers

Volunteers are indispensable helpers of the Blood Service, voluntary participants of the donor movement. Their invaluable contribution to the development of blood donation in our country deserves respect.


How to help

You can find out the general situation with donor blood in your city

To do this, you can visit a local blood service institution and ask the head of this institution to talk with you.

The doctor can ask the following questions:

You can draw other people to donate blood

You can try the following methods:

1. Invite relatives, friends, acquaintances and colleagues to donate blood.Tell us about donation and blood problems to everyone you know. Such «iword of mouth» is usually the most effective way to attract donors when they are not enough, especially if the blood is not needed «in general», but for some particular patient.

2. Make an announcement about donation at home, at the university and in other places where you visit. If you have a responsive boss (students - the dean's office), you can suggest additional measures to attract donors: give a lecture on blood donation, make a wall newspaper or come up with something creative.

If you work in a large enterprise or study in a large institute, you can invite the authorities to conduct an exit donor campaign. This means that on the appointed day the visiting brigade of the blood service institution will come to your institution and the employees will be able to donate blood «without interruption from the workplace». It is only necessary to find out beforehand whether the regional USC is ready to conduct an exit campaign, and if so, how and when.

3. Find a group of donors from your city on the website «Vkontakte» - the All-Russian official Blood Service group: Yadonor, «Odnoklassniki» («Blood Service I'm for voluntary donation!»), «Facebook» (I'm Donor!), «Twitter» (I'm Donor!), «YouTube» (Blood Service) etc. Join her work.

Groups in social networks:

If there are no groups to discuss donor issues in your city yet, then you can create a donor group yourself in any of the social networks that you use. On the main Internet page of the group, you can enter the addresses, phone numbers and opening hours of local blood service establishments; It is also useful to give a link to a list of contraindications and describe the order of blood donation. Tell your group about this group and ask them to join its work.

After visiting the blood service institution, post a message in the group about your campaign there. Tell us how much time it took, how the procedure was going, what details it is useful to know when you first visit this USK. Such a story will reassure newcomers and give them confidence.
Having planned for yourself the day of the next blood donation, invite the members of the group with you. After all, many are afraid of going to donate blood for the first time, but they will readily agree with someone for the company.

4. Most cities have their own Internet portal with a forum. You can create a topic about donation at the city forum, talk about the general situation with blood, indicate the addresses and time of the blood service agencies, give a link to the list of contraindications, describe the procedure for donating blood, share your impressions.

5. It is possible to suggest journalists of a local newspaper to write an article about blood donation, and a local radio or TV channel - to make a report with an appeal to donate blood.

6. You can negotiate with city artists, photographers or musicians, so that they dedicate an exhibition or concert to the topic of donation. During such a concert it is appropriate to make an oral announcement asking to donate blood, at the exhibition - to hang posters. In addition, at such events it is useful to give out small leaflets (the size of ¼ of an ordinary A4 sheet or even less) to visitors so that people have the address of the blood service institution, hours of work and other useful information.

7. If your organization works with the population (for example, it is a large store, home, cinema, etc.), then with the consent of the administration, you can hang an announcement about donation in the sales hall, corridor, hall - where all visitors can see and have time to read.

8. You can think of something yourself. The main thing is to draw the attention of others to the problem of blood donation and its components.

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