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Curious facts

  • The word «donor» comes from the lat. donare — «to give».
  • In an adult human body, approximately 5 liters of blood (6-8% of the mass of the human body), the child - about 3 liters.
  • The red color of the blood is attached to the red blood cells, and they, in turn - hemoglobin, which includes iron. Over a lifetime a person produces about 650 kg of red blood cells.
  • If you connect all the vessels of a person, then they will be equal to 200 thousand km.
  • The most famous donor during his life donated blood 1173 times.
  • Regular donors are much less likely to suffer from cardiovascular diseases and live on average 5 years longer than the average person.
  • Regular renewal of blood cells from donors contributes to a more stable functioning of the immune system, liver, pancreas, digestive system.
  • According to the Japanese, the blood type determines the character and individual characteristics of a person more than the constellation of the Zodiac.
  • During the Great Patriotic War, the number of donors reached 5.5 million people and the active army received more than 1.7 million liters of canned blood, which was used for 7 million transfusions. For the years of the war, 15 000 people were awarded with the Badge of Honor «Honorary Donor of the USSR».
  • After donor donation, the donor should visit the blood service institution after 6 months, to undergo a second check, confirming that he is healthy and all blood components can be used for transfusion to people who need them.
  • The donor gets the opportunity to monitor his health by regular medical examinations and free tests for the most common infections. The donor knows that he is healthy!
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