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Students, young people are active participants in the donor movement, donating blood in universities and educational institutions throughout the country.



You can donate blood personally or organize a donor day at your school.

If you organized a donor day, prepare a small report on the past event in your school, attach photos from the donor day, and the Blood Service will post this news on your portal. Send reports to

Donor share in the university

There are 2 ways to conduct donor actions:

Day of the donor in an educational institution

Day of the donor in an educational institution is conducted by the visiting brigade of the station of blood transfusion. To conduct the Day of the donor it is necessary to provide a spacious ventilated room for the work of doctors.

It is also possible to leave the mobile blood preparation complex.

The exit brigade is ready to work if the number of donors is from 30 people. Several brigades can work simultaneously.

Students who donate blood will be given souvenirs provided by the Blood Service.

As for the date of the event - there are possible options, depending on the willingness of the initiative representatives of the educational institution and the schedule of the Blood Service.

The delivery of blood by students at a blood transfusion station

To conduct such a campaign, it is necessary that the students of the educational institution, who are ready to donate blood, visit the local blood transfusion station in an organized manner, after having agreed the date with the representatives of the SEC.

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