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The Russian Press Day was celebrated by Ulyanov journalists at the Blood Center

On Russian Press Day, Ulyanovsk journalists once again became donors. The action has become a good tradition and has been held for the fifth year in a row.

On January 13, journalists, PR managers, SMM specialists, employees of the Regional Control Center and other representatives of the media traditionally became donors at the blood transfusion station on their professional holiday.

Many of them have become donors for the first time, but there are record holders in this among journalists. The path to the donor chair is simple: registration, filling out a questionnaire, an examination by a doctor and a complete blood count. The result is important: one person can save someone's life.

“We are all different, but we have the same blood, so we must help each other. I hope that my blood will also help someone, it seems very important to me. A lot of respected, worthy people do it all the time. I would like to thank them. Their example should be a model for those who wish to be of service to society in some way” Alexander Korobko says, deputy governor of the Ulyanovsk region, participant.

“I think it’s very important for everyone, and for me, too. I want to contribute to society. And I think this method is a worthy contribution to helping someone, to helping our medicine” - Natalya Martynova, Deputy Governor of the Ulyanovsk Region, supported the action.

The action became particularly relevant. As Marat Khapman, chief doctor of the blood transfusion station noted, medical institutions are constantly in need of donor blood. Any healthy person over 18 years of age can become a donor. Among the temporary contraindications to blood transfusion: past illnesses less than a month before blood donation. Also, the donor must weigh at least 50 kilograms.

Recently, there has been one more point on the list of contraindications - for patients who have had Covid-19. People after a severe form of the disease should postpone visiting the transfusion station for six months. The rest with a positive blood test can come within a month after recovery. A complete list of contraindications can be found on the Blood Service website.

The event was held at the VDNH with the organizational support of the Russian Red Cross and was timed to coincide with the World Bone Marrow Donor Day, which has been celebrated every third Saturday of September since 2015.
On September 9, 2022 a solemn presentation of the badges "Honorary Donor of Russia" took place at the Art Museum named after V.I.Surikov, as part of the all-Russian social project “#BLOODDONATIONINRUSSIA: cultural code. Expanding the boundaries of donation” in order to attract public attention to gratuitous donation, as well as to improve the status of a donor in society. The event was organized by the Krasnoyarsk Regional Blood Center No. 1 and the Donation Resource Center in the Siberian Federal District.
The conversation "A drop of blood will save a life" at the Kaluga Regional Children's Library was held as part of the All-Russian campaign #CulturalDonorCode #CultureForDonation, organized by the Coordinating Council for Donation and Blood at the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation, the Federal Medical-Biological Agency of Russia and the National Health Fund.
The development of blood and bone marrow donation system was discussed, as well as the activities of the FMBA in the field of biomedicine and pharmaceuticals.
On July 23, in the Blood Center named after O.K. Gavrilov in Moscow, a traditional summer donor action was held, organized together with the association of motodonors «Motor Blood Service».
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