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“Golden blood” - the first donor escape room in Russia

On September 28, 2021, the National Health Fund and the international network of interactive entertainment "Claustrophobia" launched the detective escape room "Golden Blood" in Moscow.

The hereditary businessman Igor Goldin has everything: money, success, power, and even enemies. In addition, he also has one extremely rare physiological particularity - 0 Negative blood, or, more simply, "golden blood". The uniqueness of "golden blood" is that it is suitable for transfusion to all patients. But people with 0 Negative blood depend exclusively on each other, while the number of such donors in the world is rather small. Igor Goldin knew about the risks, so he actively participated in the volunteer movement and, just in case, kept his blood in a private cryobank. Today, when a businessman had a suspicious accident on an empty street, his transfusion material mysteriously disappeared from storage...

The situation is critical: if a suitable donor is not found in the next hour, it will be impossible to save Goldin. A squad of volunteer donors found out that someone called Mark lives in the city and has the same unique particularity. The day before the man was hospitalized in the old city hospital, but there is no time to make an appointment...

The escape room was already tested by the representatives of the donor movement of the Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University, the blood transfusion department of the City Clinical Hospital No. 52 of the Moscow Health Department, the National Hematology Research Center of the Russian Ministry of Health and the Blood Center of the FMBA of Russia. The detective escape room was also checked by the NFRZ (National Health Development Fund) during its preparation.

“Players in escape room must secretly enter the hospital and find a patient with “golden blood” in order to save a person's life. At least 750 participants of the donor movement will receive promotional codes for the escape room on the site of "Claustrophobia" (metro "Baumanskaya") through the organizers of donor actions. First of all, these will be the laureates of the VI Moscow Donor Marathon “Knockin 'on Hearts. Donation 2021", participants of the NFRZ social project "Donation out of season", donors, volunteers and organizers of the donor movement. “In addition, activists will receive invitations for the online escape room “Golden Blood”: during the game, the operator will become your hands, feet and eyes in the zoom room” - Elena Stefanyuk.

The optimal number of participants in the escape room is from two to five, the duration is about an hour. Children from 12 to 18 must be accompanied by an adult on the offline site.

To receive promotional codes, the organizers of the Moscow donor movement should contact the National Health Fund by email or via social networks.

The events are held within the framework of the social project “Donation out of season. Development of regular blood donation in the capital", which is implemented by the National Health Fund with the support of the Committee for Public Relations and Youth Policy of the city of Moscow.

The first master class of the Creative School Leader series for organizers and volunteers of the Moscow donor movement was held on March 18, 2022 at the Winzavod Center for Contemporary Art, the topic was teamwork and communication.
March 11 Krasnoyarsk Regional Blood Center No. 1, together with the Siberian Institute of Arts named after D.V. Khvorostovsky, with the support of the Krasnoyarsk regional branch of the Union of Machine Builders of Russia, organized a donor action as part of the all-Russian social project “#BLOOD DONATION OF RUSSIA: cultural code. Expanding the boundaries of donation”.
On February 21, the St. Petersburg Blood Transfusion Station celebrated its 70th anniversary. The midday shot of the Naryshkin bastion cannon was given in honor of the anniversary of the medical institution. The volley from the cannon was fired by Tatyana Zasukhina, the chief medical officer of the station, Honored Health Worker of Russia.
FMBA Russian Blood Center has developed the first sticker pack for messengers and social networks as part of the state program for the development of the Blood Service of the Russian Federation.
The final event of the Donor Volga project "Donate blood is closer than you think" was held in five departments of the Saratov Blood Center. The project is implemented with the support of the Presidential Grants Fund and the Ministry of Internal Policy of the Saratov Region. A total of 234 people applied, 213 donors donated blood, 14 of them for the first time.
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