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Donor Action «Motor Blood Service» was held in Moscow

On July 23, in the Blood Center named after O.K. Gavrilov in Moscow, a traditional summer donor action was held, organized together with the association of motodonors «Motor Blood Service».

In the spring of 2022, the Blood Motorcycle Service celebrated its first anniversary - it turned 10 years old. The summer blood donation campaign was held in a festive atmosphere, 115 people became donors. Well-coordinated work of the staff of the Center and the organizers of the event made it possible to replenish the bank of whole blood. Motor donors came together to the action with their families and children. After donating blood, fresh pastries, tea and souvenirs from the organizers were waiting for all participants.

Member of the Public Chamber of Moscow Dmitry Krasnov also took part in the donor day.

I am not only a motorcyclist, but also a citizen! I consider the promotion of voluntary donation to be extremely important! Blood is the most important resource, which is always needed. Donors save lives, low their bow!» - Dmitry Krasnov.

Administration of the Blood Center named after O.K. Gavrilov expresses gratitude to all participants of the donor action for their concern and shown responsiveness!

A solemn ceremony of awarding the first honorary donors this year was held in Ulan-Ude on February 9. The event was held at the Buryat republican blood transfusion station.
There was a donor action «Help Together», dedicated to the World Cancer Day at the Republican blood transfusion station on the 3rd of February 2023 in Makhachkala
The project of the regional Blood Service "The path of the donor from volunteering to mentoring" was launched in the Teacher Year in the Penza region
There was established a new badge "Donor Glory of Tambov Region" to support the donor movement by the initiative of Maxim Egorov, governor, in the Tambov Region.
The event lasted five days and was dedicated to the International Students' Day, which is celebrated on November 17th. More than 900 participants donated 410 liters of blood, which could save the lives of 2,733 people.
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